Week 5: Opponent's Choice Week

This week, our stars will be dancing special styles chosen for them by their fellow competitors! Read their choices below!

Styles to choose from:

American Smooth

Rock N Roll

First to choose: Hayden & Peta, choosing for Daunte & Kym
Hayden tries to play to Daunte’s strengths and picks the Two-Step for him.

Rihanna & Val, choosing for Hayden & Peta
Rihanna wants to get Contemporary off the board so she doesn't get it herself, so she gives it to Hayden.

Amber & Henry, choosing for Kendall & Nicole
Amber talks with Henry to see what Kendall would be good with. They decide on Jitterbug.

Brittany & Tristan, choosing for Mila & Ted
Brittany and Tristan are at a loss for Mila’s dance. At the last second, Brittany blurts out ‘Disco’, and Mila is so stunned she is laughing with nervousness!

Daunte & Kym, choosing for Amber & Henry
Daunte whispers something to Kym. He only recognizes American Smooth, but he's not sure what to pick. Kym whispers something in Daunte's ear and he nods. They've decided on Broadway for Amber & Henry. Amber smiles and claps her hands, clearly happy with her pick!

Sandra & Derek, choosing for Julia & Maksim
Sandra gasps with the difficult decision she faces. Julia is a good friend, so she doesn’t want to sabotage her, so she thinks of a dance she could do well with, and quickly discusses with Derek. They decide to give her the Rock N Roll at the very last second, with Julia laughing hard and Sandra apologizing hilariously!

Kendall & Nicole, choosing for Brittany & Tristan
Kendall and Brittany are both laughing hard, given they are both the regular hosts, their friendship is pretty tight. Kendall thinks he knows the most interesting dance to give Brittany. Without consulting Nicole, he shouts ‘Charleston’, and Brittany grins and says ‘Gee thanks!’.

Mila & Ted, choosing for Sandra & Derek
Mila stares at the list of dances, Ted giving some suggestions as to what to give. She whispers a few things as Tom Hanks calls out she's got 4 seconds left. Mila blurts out "American Smooth" for Sandra!

Justin & Karina, choosing for Rihanna & Val
It's a tough choice, given the remaining dances. Both Justin and Karina are at a loss as to what to give to Rihanna! Finally, Karina whisper's "Bollywood", which Justin then blurts aloud. Rihanna and Val are confused, but laughing!

Julia & Maksim, choosing for Justin & Karina
Julia gives a very frazzled look as she knows none of the styles, and has no clue what Justin would want. She shouts over to Justin “which do you want?”, as he laughs. He says any will do. Maks whispers in her ear and they last-secondly agree on Lambada. Karina gasps and Justin grins.

Jennifer & Tony, choosing for Matthew & Oksana
Jennifer is a bit confused as to what strategy to use. Confering with Tony, he tells her to give Matthew the Hip-Hop, but as she respects Matt too much, she bites the bullet and gives Matthew the Mambo.

Matthew & Oksana, choosing for Jennifer & Tony (last style left)
As Jennifer has just given Matthew Mambo, she knowingly sacrifices a decent scoring performance to be given the Hip-Hop, as she is the last to get her dance, and it is the last style left.

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