Valerie's thoughts on Week 1 as a whole, her scores, her favorites, her predictions on bottom-threes, and her underdogs!
So, All Star season is here! Here's my insights on all 24 celebrities.

Justin & Karina
Score: 7.0 (total of 28.0)
Thoughts: What a great, clean start to the season! Justin didn't make it as far as he should have last time so hopefully he can deliver on the dancefloor this time.

Adam & Cheryl
7.0 (total of 28.0)
Thoughts: I wasn't expecting much from Adam compared to other males but he delivered. I'm genuinely impressed and he could make it a long way!

Christian & Edyta
Score: 7.5 (total of 28.5)
Thoughts: I didn't expect much of Christian Bale, either! As he was outshined by the women in Season 20, he really came into his own in this performance. Good job!

Kendall & Nicole
Score: 8.0 (total of 30.5)
Thoughts: I honestly hate his song (gasp, I know) but it worked so well for Kendall and Nicole, and fitted their personalities PERFECTLY. He's got a real chance.

Hayden & Peta
8.0 (total of 32.0)
Thoughts: And he comes out with a bang! I loved Hayden in Season 5 and he's still got it. But well done to him, he's a contender of the males.

Matthew & Oksana
5.5 (total of 24.5)
Thoughts: Matthew has so much more to give, and I was disappointed. He's got next week to get back into my good books, hopefully - I wasn't a fan.
Bill & Anna
Score: 6.0 (total of 22.5)
Thoughts: Hold the phone - kinda liked this. I like Bill's ballroom, sometimes graceful, but his Latin is just out. So I'm a little concerned on that part.

Kris & Lacey
7.0 (total of 26.5)
Thoughts: I liked it! Kris has got his groove, baby! I think he'll be good in Ballroom too, so chances are we could be seeing a lot of Kris!

Daunte & Kym
7.5 (total of 31.0)
Thoughts: There's a reason Daunte's here - because he's just plain awesome. So smooth and grounded, he dances like he's just stepped out of the Motown era. Loved it.

Dez & Yanet
7.5 (total of 27.5)
Thoughts: A great dance for Dez...let's hope he can live it up, and come out of the shadow of fellow friend Daunte, as they're close to call right now.

Justin & Chelsie
Score: 7.0 (total of 27.0)
Thoughts: Wow! Genuinely impressed - a modern, flowing routine. We could see a lot of Justin B. The only thing that worries me is the Cody Simpson and Julianne vibe of 'getting down' in the Latin.

Michael & Natalie
6.0 (total of 24.5)
Thoughts: I kinda thought it was gangly and awkward. Michael seems like more of a ballroom boy than a Latin dude. And I prefer Ryan Lochte. Sorry!

My top three men: Kendall Schmidt, Hayden Christensen, Dez Bryant
My bottom three men: Matthew Morrison, Bill Clinton, Michael Phelps
My underdog: Christian Bale

Jennifer & Tony
Score: 6.0 (total of 26.5)
Thoughts: Where's the Jennifer Aniston we fell in love with on Season 20? I just didn't feel this tonight. Hopefully she has the Ballroom forte.

Sandra & Derek
Score: 8.0 (total of 31.0)
Thoughts: I can just tell I'll love these two each week. They're so eccentric, bubbly, and a beautiful pair. Ones to watch!

Gabrielle & Louis
6.0 (total of 22.5)
Thoughts: was fun, but she may not be up to the pace of the others. Ballroom will be good for her, I'm sure of it.

Nicole & Dmitry
7.5 (total of 28.5)
Thoughts: Nicole's good at acting as a mysterious character, and that's just what she did. I loved the Foxtrot alltogether, good job.

Lindsey & Artem
7.0 (total of 25.5)
Thoughts: Jeez judges, what's your problems?! Haha! I loved this dance - Lindsey's cheeky and fun and gave it 110 percent!

Brittany & Tristan
8.5 (total of 30.5)
Thoughts: I just loved this - Tristan's got a real contender this season and I can't wait to see how these two deliver each week.

Mila & Ted
7.0 (total of 29.0)
Thoughts: They're a cute couple - Mila starring in the movie Ted recently makes the name of the duo even cuter too - haha, either way, it's a fun and flirtatious dance that they delivered.

Amber & Henry
8.5 (total of 31.0)
Thoughts: All I can say is this - Amber, keep dancing like this and you could be holding that mirrorball trophy. To be continued...

Julia & Maksim
6.0 (total of 26.5)
Thoughts: Oh shucks. Julia looked good in Season 5, but here? Not really. I just did not feel this tonight.

Rihanna & Val
7.0 (total of 30.0)
Thoughts: Sure it was cute, but I was hoping for something more soulful and sassy to let out Rihanna's diva side. Hopefully next week.

Nicki & Mark
Score: 7.0 (total of 30.0)
Thoughts: I didn't think this was top scoring worthy of a performance, but it worked! Kinda cute. Let's hope for more next time, though.

Ke$ha & Pasha
Score: 6.5 (total of 25.5)
Thoughts: Ke$ha is gonna be like Lady Gaga on Acid this season, I feel it. So I really can't wait to see how she progresses.

My top three women: Brittany Brannon, Amber Heard, Sandra Bullock
My bottom three women: Jennifer Aniston, Gabrielle Giffords, Julia Roberts
My underdog: Kee-dollar sign-haaa.

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