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So, we're into the second week, and in my opinion it's time for the stars to break out and let loose. Let's hope they did - but not completely, of course!

Kendall & Nicole
Score: 8.0 (total of 31.0)
Thoughts: Not a better way to start the show, I'd say! Very clean, exciting, and sharp, all the aggression that is needed for this dance.

Mila & Ted
Score: 7.0 (total of 29.5)
Thoughts: I'm surprised to have to say this about Mila Kunis - but where was the actress? The embodiment of Marilyn Monroe? Technique was there, performance was not!

Justin & Karina
Score: 7.0 (total of 29.5)
Thoughts: It was a great dance, but I feel like it missed the all-star standard. I've seen some great dances from Justin, but he needs something to show off in order to get him past rock week at least.

Ke$ha & Pasha
7.5 (total of 28.5)
Thoughts: Still think this girl could be a surprise package! This song is a perfect Jive and Pasha is amazing at choreographing a good Jive, so I think it's brilliant.

Michael & Natalie
Score: 6.0 (total of 25.0)
Thoughts: Not the Ballroom dance I was hoping for, but not bad either. It's just not memorable enough to get those marks up, and I think the judges would probably agree.

Hayden & Peta
Score: 9.0 (total of 34.0)
Thoughts: At the moment, Hayden is leading the race. Wonderful Jive, exciting all around and just fantastic.

Sandra & Derek
Score: 6.5 (total of 28.5)
Thoughts: This didn't work for me. It may have for the others, but for me I just couldn't get into it. Not much else to say, sadly.

Nicki & Mark
Score: 6.5 (total of 29.5)
Thoughts: Once again, I felt a bit confused. Her technique works, but it felt a bit offbeat against the whole appeal Nicki has as a persona, and a dancer. I was slightly let down.

Julia & Maksim
8.0 (total of 30.0)
Thoughts: This was completely the 'Julia Roberts' charm I wanted to see from her, completely. Beautiful, elegant rendition of a Quickstep and my favorite Quickstep of the night.

Christian & Edyta
Score: 7.0 (total of 26.5)
Thoughts: While it wasn't the best dance of the night, it was still pretty hot! Christian seems to be putting his all into the show and him and Edyta are doing so well!

Matthew & Oksana
7.5 (total of 30.0)
Thoughts: And Matthew is back in the game, with a classic and original version of a Tango! Great job there!

Nicole & Dmitry
Score: 7.5 (total of 28.5)
Thoughts: Like Matthew's, a traditional take on the routine and a beautifully performed dance.

Brittany & Tristan
Score: 8.5 (total of 33.5)
Thoughts: Brittany is really proving her all-star place! Absolutely amazing Jive, great technique and performance. Tristan must be so proud!

Justin & Chelsie
Score: 7.0 (total of 28.5)
Thoughts: The technique was just brilliant, and that explains my score, but it just felt a As it's all-star season, he needs to play it up before it falls flat.

Jennifer & Tony
Score: 7.5 (total of 30.5)
Thoughts: Once again, technically fantastic and also great performance, but it just didn't level up to score an 8 from me. Great dance, though.

Adam & Cheryl
Score: 7.0 (total of 29.0)
Thoughts: I wanted more 'oomph', you know? It could have been more exciting but I don't know if Adam looked like he got into that character.

Rihanna & Val
Score: 8.5 (total of 33.5)
Thoughts: I SO wanted to give a 9, but it was as fair as it could get it. But a wonderful routine, and Rihanna has so much potential!

Amber & Henry
Score: 8.5 (total of 33.5)
Thoughts: On par with Rihanna, I think! Great routine, and they're looking like finalist material by their first two performances!

Daunte & Kym
Score: 7.5 (total of 31.0)
Thoughts: A great routine, actually. Daunte, as a football player, has such a good performance level and it's overall near perfection for Week 2.

Kris & Lacey
Score: 8.0 (total of 30.0)
Thoughts: A great Quickstep to finish the night, and Kris is the real performer, so overall a fantastic routine by the two of them.

My top three: Hayden Christensen, Rihanna, Amber Heard
My bottom three: Michael Phelps, Sandra Bullock, Nicki Minaj
12/26/2012 08:37:06 am

voting 4 Tony & Jennifer!


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