Valerie's thoughts on Week 3!
So, it's an Iconic Dance week. Here's my overall thoughts.

Mila & Ted
Score: 8.5 (total of 33.5)
Thoughts: Great Rumba, the two are really connecting so much better and they have a long way to go, I'd say!

Adam & Cheryl
8.5 (total of 33.5)
Thoughts: I loved the passion, the drama and excitement that Adam delivered in this dance! He did so, so well!

Jennifer & Tony
Score: 8.0 (total of 32.0)
Thoughts: I can see Jennifer's (slow) improvement, but I think in due time she'll be a contender, I'd hope. Great dance overall, though.

Nicki & Mark
Score: 7.0 (total of 31.0)
Thoughts: Nicki is just not coming through! Each week, I honestly expect more and more, but it just doesn't seem to come about.

Kris & Lacey
Score: 9.0 (total of 34.0)
Thoughts: I think giving Kris these very emotional but edgy songs is really working for him. He's someone who's really surprising me at the moment.

Brittany & Tristan
Score: 9.5 (total of 36.5)
Thoughts: Brittany is such an emotional dancer and overall, this was near to perfection. Beautiful rendition of a Viennese Waltz.

Rihanna & Val
Score: 9.0 (total of 36.0)
Thoughts: I love someone who can dance to their own song....and master it! Beautiful, smoking hot Rumba, and her best dance to date.

Justin & Karina
Score: 8.0 (total of 33.5)
Thoughts: Technically, Justin is a brilliant dancer, but he was a bit 'nothing-y' in his performance. Although, he did a great dance!

Daunte & Kym
Score: 8.5 (total of 34.5)
Thoughts: A technically wonderful Paso Doble! Daunte is so good at bringing the agression, so it was great with so much attack.

Hayden & Peta
Score: 9.0 (total of 36.5)
Thoughts: Effortless, flowing...everything you need in a Waltz. Hayden could really have his second chance here.

Matthew & Oksana
Score: 8.5 (total of 32.0)
Thoughts: Matthew's best dance by far. He's improving on leaps and bounds, and he's obviously got the fanbase, so well done to him!

Michael & Natalie
Score: 7.0 (total of 29.5)
Thoughts: It was a bit dull, and not all there technically. But like I said for Matthew, he's obviously got an even bigger fanbase after London 2012, so good for him!

Sandra & Derek
Score: 10.0 (total of 38.0)
Thoughts: HELL YEAH! I didn't think we'd get a 10 so early but this was perfection. The drama, the story, the beauty, the power, the agression, oh my god, fantastic.

Amber & Henry
Score: 8.5 (total of 35.5)
Thoughts: So close to 9! But going after Sandra didn't help too much, and she almost fell under pressure. Great 80s vibe on the Quickstep, though!

Julia & Maksim
Score: 8.5 (total of 34.0)
Thoughts: Well, better than Betty White! Hhaha. No, it was really good, and she's tamed the bad boy in Maksim! Great routine.

Kendall & Nicole
Score: 9.0 (total of 35.0)
Thoughts: Great futuristic vibe on the performance! I just loved the drama and intensity brought to it, good job Kendall!

My top 3: Sandra Bullock, Brittany Brannon, Kris Allen
My bottom 3: Nicki Minaj, Michael Phelps, Justin Timberlake

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