Week 13 (Round 1): Week 5 Styles

This week (in round 1), our stars will be dancing a 2nd Week 5 uncommon style chosen by themselves this time! Read their choices below!

Styles to choose from:

American Smooth

Rock N Roll

Choosing first: Brittany & Tristan
Brittany quickly  converses with Tristan as for which dance to choose. The Charleston is not an option, as that is what they danced in Week 5. Tristan whispered something and Brittany then shouts ‘Mambo’!

Rihanna & Val
Rihanna looks at the board with Val.  They can't do the Bollywood again after dancing it in Week 5.  Rihanna still doesn't like the Contemporary. Val whispers to her, to which he then shouts out "Lambada"!

Kendall & Nicole
Kendall quickly made their  decision (for Brittany) in Week 5, so Kendall generously lets Nicole choose their dance for the week. She thinks for a few seconds and goes with Contemporary, with Kendall grinning and the other semi-finalists laughing!

Sandra & Derek
Sandra has no idea which dance to pick. She whispers with Derek. Derek assures he won’t drop
her during any lifts, and Sandra (somewhat fearing her decision) shouts ‘Charleston’!

Justin & Karina
Justin shouts out "Darn" as Sandra chooses Charleston. They look at the board, wondering what to do. However, he seems excited with a dance, and tells Karina what it is before shouting out "Jitterbug", much to everyone's surprise!

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