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Yes, I'm thrilled to be back with  the DWTSGame team, after a brief hiatus, beginning my exciting new role as blogger. As I'm not afraid to speak my mind (you'd have seen this in previous seasons), I'm thrilled to be in a position to get to say it how it is, and not have the contestants backchatting, haha!

So, it's all-star time, and 24 couples have made the cut. There are some great names in the cast, as always, but to think that some of our previous dancing legends won't even be making it to the final?! What's up with that! Haha! So, let's evaluate this season's all-stars.

Adam Levine (dancing with Cheryl  Burke)
Yes, the hunky Maroon 5 frontman is back to try his luck at a mirrorball trophy. Now, Adam was a fierce competitor back in Season 27, and finished in 5th place. He did do very well on the dance-floor, and he does have the advantage of dancing with Cheryl Burke - his original partner, who brought her one of her best places so far in the game's history. The one thing that I think could hold him back is that he is against three of his past competitors - Mila Kunis, Ke$ha and Kendall Schmidt, who all made it further. As the lowest placing of Season 27 in this season, he'll have to prove his place, but Maroon 5 has a large fanbase so you never know how this gorgeous guy could do on the dance floor!

Amber Heard (dancing with Henry Byalikov)
A fierce competitor in Season 7, it's now been six months since Amber Heard injured her ankle while in training  for her Viennese Waltz. However, after the injury, Amber scored multiple tens  and went to third place. The only thing I think that could hold her back, is the  votes. She was probably the frontrunner in Season 7, but missed out on the top  two. Therefore, I struggle to think, against winners and runners-up, if she can  make it. But maybe she can! Maybe her fans will be back for  vengeance!

Bill Clinton (dancing with Anna Trebunskaya)

I hate having to rule people out so quickly, but I'll genuinely be surprised if Bill makes it to the top 20. It sounds bad, I know, but he's against a bunch of very technically strong dancers and performers. Bill certainly has fans, but complete with the judges' scores, I  struggle to see where his fanbase could go here. Sorry to all you 'Clintonators', but I think he's my tip for an early, early elimination.

Brittany Brannon (dancing with Tristan MacManus)
So here's the thing - I think, despite not winning, Brittany has a real chance. Back in Season 20, many thought  she'd have no chance, since she was, as her 'For the First Time' page says, a virtually unknown person! But who'd have thought that Brittany Brannon would not  only come second, but be a popular host AND the viewers' choice! Tristan's also got the sexy, likeable Irish charm, and all together, they could really be in for the big time.

Christian Bale (dancing with Edyta Sliwinska)
Unless he does incredibly well, I  think chances could be quite slim for poor Christian. It sounds bad, I know, but  he only reached 6th in his season, and he doesn't particularly stand out in a  pack amongst winners and finalists. He's a bit forgettable, but you never know,  something might come about.

Daunte Culpepper (dancing with Kym Johnson)
Dez Bryant (dancing with Yanet Fuentes)

I know it seems a bit strange that I've put these two into a joint post, but honestly, I think only one of  them, or maybe none of them, will make it past the first couple eliminations. They're both quite similar in professions, structures, etc., that I don't see  both of them going too far, to be honest. Daunte's fanbase from old seasons will  need to come back and get him back where he needs to be - far in. As for Dez, I  can only say he'll need to do a wonderful job to prove he's a true all-star.

Gabrielle Giffords (dancing with  Louis Van Amstel)
Now, I've seen the support for  Gabrielle on these sites, and it's huge. There's not really that much to say  here, other than she needs to prove herself as a true all-star, by delivering  the performances, because while she's got the votes down, her technique was  lacking quite a bit in Season 5 and her performances mainly delivered on  emotion. If she gets everything in sharp movement, she's
definitely an underdog  for moi!

Hayden Christensen (dancing with  Peta Murgatroyd)
Another one of my ones to watch here. Hayden has been named a lot of times as the shock second placer, because of Julia Roberts' victory back in Season 5. I think it'll be interesting to see if Hayden's fanbase comes out to vote for him and get him one place up this time. It wouldn't surprise me if he does very well!

Jennifer Aniston (dancing with Tony Dovolani)
This is Jen's real chance to show  she is the true DWTSGame champion, and I think she could show that. She's got a  wild fanbase, and beat Brittany Brannon in Season 20, who also had that raging  fanbase. She has a well respected pro in Tony, and she even hosted for one  season, so the public know and love her. I think Jen could sure become everyone's friend on the set of the game, and be on her way to another strong finish.

Julia Roberts (dancing with Maksim Chmerkovskiy)
One of the game's most loved  couples! Julia and Maksim, of course. They did very, very well back in Season 5, as the underdogs who won over Hayden and Eva, of course. In all honesty, however, I'm not sure how she will compare to other winners. I'm sure she'll be amazing as always, but she may not be the strongest technically of them all. But that didn't stop her with the votes in Season 5 -
could it be twice a charm?

Justin Bieber (dancing with Chelsie Hightower)
Justin Timberlake (dancing with Karina Smirnoff)

I had to put the two Justins  together here, I just had to! Despite both missing the final in their seasons, I  think they could definitely be back with a vengeance. Justin B, as I now like to  call him, had to pull out, but could have been on his way to a victory. I'm  looking forward to seeing how far he can go this season. As for JT, there's not  much more he can do than last time. He was excellent last time and he just has  to be excellent again, in hope that the public will finally see the  light.

Ke$ha (dancing with Pasha Kovalev)
Ke$ha was another underdog, back from Season 27 this time. She wasn't technically the best but the public loved her, and she improved. She's just gotta improve more this time, but with so many good competitors, can she keep up with the pace? I'm not sure, and I don't know if the top 10 is calling her at the moment.
Kendall Schmidt (dancing with Nicole Volynets)
If he comes through, this guy could be a real contender. Former winner and long-time host, it'll be awesome to  see who can take it out of him and Brittany in the ballroom - I'm not quite sure yet, but he'll have to focus more on technique this time. Who knows, we may get  a replay of THAT Freestyle!
Kris Allen (dancing with Lacey Schwimmer)
Say hello to this year's oddball pick! I'm looking forward to Kris especially because he didn't go out in the ordinary way that celebrities usually do, so it'll be interesting to see how the public have a perception of him this time around. If he keeps it up like he did,  he may be an underdog, but if he's not remembered he could be out quicker than you could say Adam Lambert!

Lindsey Vonn (dancing with Artem  Chigvintsev)
An interesting choice, and one  that I think won't go far, sadly. I love Lindsay but it seems like the public  thought differently, because despite good scores, she was voted out very early.  She'll have to be amazing to keep up with this bunch, otherwise another sad  elimination most likely looms.

Matthew Morrison (dancing with Oksana Dmytrenko)
Yay, Matthew is back with some glee, we hope! Matthew is probably one of the strongest champions the show's seen, and the most recent champion to appear on this season. His fanbase will still be wild, he can still know the steps - watch out for Matthew, could be a quarter-finalist at least.

Michael Phelps (dancing with Natalie Lowe)
Michael's obviously a tall man  and I think giving him Natalie will really help this season, in fact I think  it'll help him more than when he was Julianne. Although, he's the most  'throwback' of the season, so unless his fanbase is still ready to go and vote,  he may fall flat a bit compared to more recent

Mila Kunis (dancing with Ted Volynets)
Mila did very well in Season 27, but didn't make the final, and I think the problem with the non-finalists here is that they're gonna have to strive up a bigger fanbase to get them further. However, Mila is a big Hollywood star, bigger than she was when she last danced,  so that could help. And she could have new, innovative choreography with Ted!

Nicki Minaj (dancing with Mark Ballas)
Team Minark back together! I think  they'll be dynamite, for sure. She had the huge fanbase to make second place, and her star keeps getting bigger and bigger, so why not tip her to go far? With fun choreography like in Season 7, they could seriously be ones to watch.

Nicole Kidman (dancing with Dmitry Chaplin)
Nicole did very well back in  Season 20, but I sometimes forget she's in this cast. But that's not a bad  thing! It's a big cast and she's good at big casts, coming 3rd out of 30 before,  so maybe good things could happen again.

Rihanna (dancing with Val Chmerkovskiy)
Since they were shockingly given the  boot in Season 4, Rihanna's got more famous and Val's got hotter! Perfect  pairing maybe, so if they can improve on their previous performance, they should  do well.

Sandra Bullock (dancing with Derek Hough)
She's funny, she's likeable, a great  dancer with a great partner, wonderful chemistry, former winner, the list goes  on. She really has a chance, I can sense it! Could she be the first two-time celeb champion?

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